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The MEMBERS ONLY is the central location of communication for site members to receive and provide information. On this site, you'll find the team roster and parent contact information, schedule for the season, and player availability.  Site members will be able to post comments, pictures and videos to share with other members of Virginia Elite.

Our mission is to compete in the premier basketball sporting events, compete against the best programs in the country and for our players to have the capability to not only compete against those players on the national level but more importantly have an opportunity to expand their careers beyond high school. We stress the importance of the Student Athlete. Although basketball is an intricate part of our grassroots program.

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THe Beginning of the 2018 High school season

There is excitement in the air for the beginning of the 2018 Spring and Summer Grassroots Tournament Schedule.

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2019 Center/Forward Jonas Munson posed for an outstanding Spring and Summer season.

Standing 7-Foot-0 the rising senior at West Potomac High School has waited on his time. With many division 1 coaches contacting him Munson is the next Center Forward to come from the stable of Virginia Elite. Following in the footsteps of Cameron Jackson, Paul Rowley, Grant Golden and James Butler, Munson is next.

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