2019: 17 and Under Roster - Elite Gold

No. First Name Last Name Class School Ht Wing Span
1 Bradley Harden 2020 West Potomac (VA) 5-Foot-11
2 Donavon Staples 2020 Edison High School (VA) 6-Foot-0 75
4 Spencer Williams 2020 Centreville High School (VA) 6-Foot-2 76
10 Zion Hansberry 2020 Highland School (VA) 6-Foot-4 73
12KevinSiakam2020Home School (VA)6-Foot-982
14 Avery Nance 2020 Loudoun Valley County (VA) 6-Foot-2 74
21 Jerome Scott 2020 South Lakes High (VA) 6-Foot-7 78
22 Julien Hagerman 2020 Millbrook High School (VA) 6-Foot-2 74
24 Darious Boyd 2020 Gywnn Park (Md) 6-Foot-6 78
33 Colby Dessaure 2020 West Potomac (VA) 6-Foot-5 78
34 Volkan Ergen 2020 Clark County (VA) 6-Foot-5 78
35 Tavian Pierson 2019 Virginia Academy (VA) 6-Foot-4 77

College Coaches Only: Request Player Information

Head Coach: Shawn Williams, USA Gold Certified

Asst. Head: Walter Hamilton. Jr., USA Gold Certified

Asst. Coach: Rashad Gadson

Measurements taken by TrueAP Sports Performance

Virginia Elite Grassroots Basketball

Virginia Elite serves all parts of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and West Virginia. The premier AAU Grassroots Basketball program in Northern Virginia. Established in 2008 Virginia Elite has maintain a level of excellence that has resulted in many players playing at the highest level of high school and collegiate basketball.

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