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Only college or post graduate coaches request will be acknowledged. 

College Recruiting



The college recruiting process at the High School Elite Grassroots level is one driving elements to the program. Our process begins at the Junior El

When does this begin?

The process for preparing players to be recruited for a potential opportunity to play college basketball begin early in the identification stage. We seek players that college coaches would want to see play during the season and who are qualified academically to be considered.

Division 1, 2 , 3 and NAIA college coaches seek players that will become assets to their program and give their program an opportunity to compete for championships. 

Throughout the years we have successfully prepared players to become recruitable college athletes. Our experience at the NBA, NCAA (All Division) and high school levels are unmatched by any organization in the Northern Virginia region. 

Having such a variety of experiences, being part of Virginia Elite is more than just playing basketball. We want our players to play college basketball.  In 2016 Virginia Elite partnered with several national college recruiting services that became knowledgeable of the players of the program.

As Under Armour Rise Circuit participants our players will receive the highest opportunities to showcase their talents in front of all levels of college recruiters. The UA Rise circuit presents a unique opportunity for players to compete against national competition throughout the spring and summer. 

Our consistent history of identifying and developing collegiate basketball players, fused with specific training and coaching techniques are key element in the cultivation of the collegiate basketball player. To accomplish this, it starts with the foundation of preparation. 

All players will be compliant with NCAA regulations and be registered with the NCAA to participated in certified live events. Academic is a key factor in the recruiting process, therefore tracking and monitoring the academic progress of our players is key element to the process. 


Over the years the Virginia Elite brand has become one of quality producing quality student-athletes for collegiate programs. Our extensive knowledge of knowing how to prepare players to gain recognition has resulted in a high percentage of athletics getting opportunities to advance their career to the collegiate level. Preparing students to gain the attention of college coaches is a strategic process that begins with the selection of players through the tryout process.

Virginia Elite Grassroots Basketball

Virginia Elite serves all parts of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and West Virginia. The premier AAU Grassroots Basketball program in Northern Virginia. Established in 2008 Virginia Elite has maintain a level of excellence that has resulted in many players playing at the highest level of high school and collegiate basketball.

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