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Under Armour Future and Under Armour RISE Program

High School Showcase TEams

Teams: 15U | 16U | 17U

The High School Elite Grassroots Showcase teams will participate in the Under Armour (VA) Rise Circuit league and well as other elite level exposure NCAA and Grassroots associated events throughout the spring and summer.

Each team is developed to provide student athletes with the opportunity to compete against the premier players and teams throughout the country.  Our staff has experience at the NBA, NCAA (All Division) and High School levels. With having such a variety of experience, the Virginia Elite experience is more than just playing basketball.  

To continuing consistent history of identifying and developing collegiate basketball players, our staff fuses specific training and coaching techniques that is based on collegiate basketball. To accomplish this, it starts with the foundation of preparation.


All teams will be compliant with NCAA regulations to participated in certified live events, including but not limited to all coaches being USA Basketball Gold Licensed, all NCAA BBCS roster eligibility issues or ‘red flags’ are addressed and approved prior to each events.


Recruiting is a key success for the program. Over the years the brand of Virginia Elite has become one of quality producing quality student-athletes for collegiate programs. Our extensive knowledge of knowing how to prepare players to gain recognition has resulted in a high percentage of athletics getting opportunities to advance their career to the collegiate level. Preparing students to gain the attention of college coaches is a strategic process that begins with the selection of players through the tryout process.

Virginia Elite serves all parts of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and West Virginia.

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